The Watermill: Best Little Bookshop in Scotland

The Watermill Aberfeldy Perthshire

Back in 2003, Kevin and Jayne Ramage discovered a derelict mill in Aberfeldy in the Scottish Highlands.  So enchanted were they by this listed building that they went on to open The Watermill, a bookshop, art gallery and coffee shop.  The Watermill won the prize for the Bertrams Independent Bookshop of the Year in 2008.

Independent Bookshop of the Year

We’d had a wonderful time exploring Aberfeldy, but our primary reason for visiting the town was to visit this famous bookshop and we certainly weren’t disappointed.  It is said to have the largest range of titles in the Scottish Highlands and it is the perfect place to spend the afternoon browsing. 

The Watermill Bookshop Aberfeldy Perthshire

It is hard to pinpoint what is so special about this bookshop but perhaps it is the attention to detail. There is but one copy of each book which no doubt contributes to their ability to house a vast collection.  The assistants were really friendly too and were quite happy to assist you in finding books. 

The cafe is located on the lower level floor and opens up onto a veranda next to the old mill stream.  I loved that you could still spot old bits of mill machinery about the building.  It gives a lovely authentic feel to the whole bookshop.

Art at The Watermill

There is an art gallery on the upper level of the building which is home to regular exhibitions.  Being a fan of modern and urban art, I especially appreciated the pieces by Banksy and Blek le Rat.

As with most towns in the Highlands, you just need to peek down any side street to see breathtaking scenery.  This is the view that you would enjoy if you sat beside the mill stream on the veranda and enjoyed a cup of coffee.


The Watermill
Mill Street
PH15 2BG

14 comments on "The Watermill: Best Little Bookshop in Scotland"
  1. I discovered this bookshop by accident about 5 years ago and loved it. The only thing I don't like is the fact it's so far away from home :-(

  2. wherever I go in whatever country one of my very favorite things to do is visit bookshops..
    this one looks special indeed
    have never been to the highlands but always more to look forward to and put it high on my list

  3. What a treat of a place! I think I could spend days here, blissful days here!

    Thanks for brining us here!

  4. What a great little place

  5. Looks like a nice place to spend a relaxing afternoon reading and drinking coffee. One by one bookstores here are disappearing and moving online so it's nice to see one still thriving.

  6. Good books, original mill surrounds, good coffee, nice seating and perfect scenery outside! Sounds like you CAN pinpoint what is so special about this bookshop :)

    Books are cheaper in Britain than in Australia, PLUS I can find more European art and history books more easily than I can find here. So every second year in Britain, I buy up dozens and dozens of books and have them sent home by ship. There is no urgency for my new treasures - I can wait a few weeks.

  7. It looks precious... if I plan a trip to Scotland I will include this... :)
    Thanks for sharing...


  8. I would enjoy visiting this bookstore and art gallery, but being its owner would be a dream come true. What a good idea they had.

  9. Looks like it could fit right in to "Hogsmead" village from Harry Potter series. They don't make them like that anymore :)

  10. I love to browse in bookstores. Think I could spend hours in this one. Just sorry the store is on the other side of the world. Will have to start saving for a visit.

  11. such a lovely bookstore with a fabulous setting.

  12. I would like to visit this place. Looks so calm and quite.
    Hope you have a good time over there. A taste of summer is over the southern part of my country:-)

  13. So enchanting..what a charming I would love exploring in lovely to see the art too..
    Wishng you a beautiful Spring!


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