A Weekend in Munich

It might seem decadent to spend a weekend in another country but that is exactly what we did last weekend. We left after work on the Friday evening and returned on the Sunday night, spending almost a full 48 hours in Munich, Germany. We booked an EasyJet holiday (which I can’t recommend enough for ease of booking and the option to secure the booking with a small deposit), printed our boarding passes at home and walked on to the plane with only hand luggage, making it a quick and easy break.

We had a fantastic stay in the Hotel Drei Loewen, which has a fantastic location across the road from Munich’s Hauptbahnhof. 

So what can you do in 48 hours in Munich? 

Karlstor on Neuhauser Strasse Munich

You can take a walk through the historic city centre, checking out the three historic city gates (see Karlstor above, taken on Neuhauser Strasse).

Munich Frauenkirche

You can marvel at the gorgeous architecture and the many styles including late-Gothic style, Gothic revival or the Renaissance-style domes of the Frauenkirche above. 

Glockenspiel at Neues Rathaus Munich

You can sit at a cafe on Marienplatz and listen to the exquisite sounds of the Glockenspiel at the Neues Rathaus.

Munich Residenz and Hofgarten

You can visit the Munich Residenz, former home of the Bavarian royal family and walk through the beautiful sculptured gardens of the Hofgarten. 

Theatinerkirche Munich

You can visit one of the many beautiful churches in Munich which are ornate inside and out.  Churches do not charge an entrance fee although some may charge to access specific attractions (such as the tower in Peterskirche).

Pfarrkirche Sankt Paul at Theresienwiese

You can sample some authentic Bavarian cuisine and if you are really enjoying your meal, you can even forget to take photos of it!  As a huge fan of German food, I especially enjoyed tucking into a selection of German wurst and sauerkraut while Stephen enjoyed a roast pork knuckle.

Paul Heyse Strasse Munich

You can take a walk through the new city centre or visit some of the well-to-do suburbs around the Nymphenburg Palace.

Schloss Nymphenburg Munich

You can visit the Nymphenburg Palace and take a wander around the surrounding gardens and woodlands.

BMW-Vierzylinder Munich

You can visit the home of BMW, marvelling at the BMW Four-Cylinder Tower and taking a walk around the BMW museum.  A must if you’d like to see their vintage or Art Car collection.

Olympiaturm in Olympiapark Munich

You can take a walk around the Olympic Park, marvelling at the Olympiaturm (if you are a tower-phile like me).  If you have enough energy, you can even take a walk up the Olympiaberg Schuttberg, the debris mountain made from the rubble left over after World War II.

Allianz Arena Munich

And finally, if you are a true sports fan or football fanatic, you can visit the Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 M√ľnchen.  Do be warned,  there is absolutely nothing else here to see, so this one is for true fans only.

This, of course, is only a fraction of what you can do in the city.  There are free Third Reich tours leaving from most hotels, day trips to Dachau or even Salzburg, Austria, and scores of museums across the city.  Many museums have reduced entry on a Sunday but are closed on Mondays.  If we had another one or two days, we would certainly have liked to take advantage of some of those opportunities and for this reason, we’d definitely return to Munich.  In the next couple of posts, I’ll take you around some of these sights in more detail.

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19 comments on "A Weekend in Munich"
  1. welcome back!
    you've been missed!!
    i really enjoyed your post with lots of interesting info.
    it is a long time ago i was there, but i remember walking through the quaint streets in the inner city.
    munich is definitely worth a visit.

    lovely shots, too.


  2. Well this is one more city I'd like to visit some day. Looks like you made the most of your trip!

  3. If you keep going there is loads of stuff to do in a weekend really! glad you found so much in the interesting city of Munich. It's a great place.

  4. The bulidng on the last picture looks a bit like UFO:)
    nice idea, which reminded me that we have not spent such a weekend for ages!

    Life and travelling

  5. That looks like a fantastic weekend break!

  6. Great tour of Munich. It's on my list of places to visit too. The last photo looks does look like a UFO, but also like the train station in Strasbourg.

  7. I'm not in the least interested in cars but that BMW building is stunning! I could pretend enough interest just because I'd love to visit.

  8. What an awesome weekend! And a lovely travel report too! I enjoyed all those pictures...

    I've lived in Germany for nearly four years now, but I still haven't managed to visit Munich. Haven't been south of Frankfurt yet - my grandparents on my mum's side of the family live near Frankfurt, but apart from that, all I saw was the motorway on my way down to France :-)

  9. How fun! You were almost in Czech. Just couple more hours of drive... Germany reminds me Czech a lot. Thank you for taking me along via your pics :)

  10. Love Munich...
    I think for a weekend you've seen the important spots....
    nice pics!!! ;)


  11. You can never travel too much or have too many weekend getaways! Besides, you're kind enough to share them with us, and so I get to travel vicariously :-)

  12. What fun! You did so much in so little time! Thank you for the tour! Your comment about forgetting to take a picture of your food was very funny. :)

  13. Hi Emm! Everything ok?
    Munich is a wonderful town! Lovely pictures!!
    Blogtrotter Two is missing you at the Virgin Islands... Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

  14. Thanks Emm for your comment. For some reason it did not work properly. The internet hates me! I like your blog, and hopefully you can have many more European trips.

  15. that must have been fun. Munich is so impressive. i really love the look of the BMW museum, it's so tastefully designed. thanks for sharing your wonderful journey.

  16. I would like to go to that BMW museum too.. I have been in Munich, but it is so many years ago..
    Looks like you have a nice time and weather:-)

  17. What a fabulous place...gorgeous shots..and interesting sites!!Sounds like you had super fun!!

  18. Great post! Nick and I may be in Munich in September for a couple of days so this is great info! :)


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