Featured Photo: Pluto at the Nymphenburg Palace

Statue of Pluto at the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich

During our short trip to Munich in April, we visited the Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens.  We really enjoyed wandering around the beautiful sculptured gardens and surrounding woodlands but it was this statue that really caught my eye.

This is one of several mythological figures sculpted for the palace by Dominik Auliczek between 1777 and 1778.  At first, I thought it might be Poseidon or Neptune, having mistaken his sceptre for a trident, but at his feet lay his trusted three-headed hellhound Cerberus.

Also known as Hades, Pluto was the ruler of the Underworld.



In other news, my PC has been fixed! It needed a new power supply and graphics card but it is all up and running again and I have access to my photos, music and Photoshop again! Can I just say that Le Husband was pretty awesome in getting in fixed for me!

And in final news, Blogger is still marking all of my comments as spam so if you've had comments from me that appear to have disappeared, please check your spam box.

13 comments on "Featured Photo: Pluto at the Nymphenburg Palace"
  1. The trident made me think of Neptune as well. wonderful photo

  2. Such a power statue taken from that angle. I, too, thought it was Neptune or Poseidon. Hurray for getting your computer fixed. It's a tool we can't live without these days. Yes, I am still getting your comments in my spam box and I have no clue why. The good news is your comments get to my email box so I can see them there.

  3. Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens must have been sensational in their day. I am not normally a fan of over-the-top rococo, but the frescoed Stone Hall looked sensational. I immediately wanted a grand hall in my own home.. ha! And the pavilions.... oh those pavilions!

    Yes indeed Blogger IS still marking all of your comments as spam so now I check the spam section every day.

  4. Great shot. I thought it looked like Poseidon too.

  5. nice shot! that's a pretty serious beard. ;o)

  6. love underworld stories and photos

  7. i agree. the trident reminds me of Poseidon and Neptune for a second. lovely composition. your comments still go through my spam box occasionally but i managed to recover them from being deleted.

  8. Yes, I found you in spam box. (hahaha..)

    Luckily for Pluto, it is not

  9. Looks also like a Neptune or Wasserman - Aquarius - my zodiac sign :)

  10. Yup I just checked my spam box and found several comments from you. I'll make regualr checks. I hope you can resolve what the problem is.

  11. Wow..what a stunning shot..gorgeous and powerful..love it!Yes it is too bad you always go to spam..i check often in case I miss a comment!
    Glad you computer is all sparkling again!

  12. @ Rob: Thank you! I was really happy with it.

    @ AVCr8teur: it makes me so sad! Some days I don't want to comment because I see my comments disappearing. I like shooting from unusual angles, I must admit. Glad you're getting my comments.

    @ Hels: The house was nice, but we didn't think it justified the entrance fee s we stuck to the gardens. The gardens were fabulous and we really enjoyed that. Thanks for checking for my comments!!

    @ Clueless in Boston: glad it wasn't just me.

    @ Bon Bon: Indeed!

    @ This is Belgium: me too!! Water is definitely my element even though I'm an earth sign.

    @ Life Ramblings: Thank you and thank you for saving my comments.

    @ Rainfield61: thanks for checking!

    @ Ivanhoe: I'm a Taurus!

    @ Mo: Thanks for checking. Google just said the only way to solve it is for people to keep marking me as "not spam".

    @ Betty: thanks!

    @ Victoria: thank you Victoria! And thanks for always checking.


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