London in a Golden Autumnal Glow

The City of London from the Millennium Bridge

After spending a fantastic day in London today, we walked out of the Tate Modern at dusk and noticed that London was bathed in the most exquisite autumnal glow.  It really was the golden hour and we couldn’t help snapping away with our cameras.

Blackfriars Bridge from the Millennium Bridge

To the west, there were soft clouds on the horizon and to the very left, a pinnacle of a tall building bore a sharp reflection of the sun.  I could barely look in that direction, so chose to leave it out of my photo.

St Pauls Cathedral from Millennium Bridge

Straight ahead, we could not help but marvel at how beautiful and peaceful St Paul’s Cathedral looked.  We felt drawn to cross the bridge and had a giggle at the poor city bankers trying to walk against the flow of the relaxed and wandering crowds.

Locks of Love on the Millennium Bridge

We were thrilled to discover that several padlocks have recently been attached to Millennium Bridge.  Locks of Love are popular in Europe but I haven’t seen them in London before.  I wonder if they will stay for long?  British officials are not known for their sense of humour.

The Shard from the Millennium Bridge

The Shard looked beautiful, as always, but knowing my bias it is possible that I am not the most objective source.

St Paul's in Beautiful Autumnal Light

St Paul’s Cathedral was draped in a soft light.  This is one of the many locations in London that I feel unable to stop taking photos of.

St Paul's Cathedral in Beautiful Autumnal Light

I loved seeing the plane as it came into the shot.

St Paul's Cathedral

Many planes fly over London on route to and from Heathrow and London City Airport.

St Paul and his Cathedral

We wandered into the gardens of St Paul’s Cathedral and my final photo before the end of the golden hour was of St Paul and his Cathedral.

I’m undecided now as to whether I prefer the golden hour at dawn or dusk.  I’ve posted about London at Dawn and the Golden Hour before but this light felt slightly less muted and more positive and uplifting.  There is the promise of a whole new day at daybreak but the lighting this afternoon seemed to convey that the day was far from over.  Which do you prefer, dawn or dusk?

I must apologise if my posts been a little erratic lately.  I had a visitor last weekend and this week I am spending a whole week with my best friend’s daughter taking her around London.  I usually wouldn’t mention it but next week I begin studying two nights a week again and am taking two subjects at the same time.  I know I’ll be happy about this in 8 weeks time but for now must beg your indulgence if the posts become a little spotty.

12 comments on "London in a Golden Autumnal Glow"
  1. What lovely peaceful pictures, Emm. I think I prefer dawn myself, although in a way it breaks the spell for everything to become light and bustling afterwards.

    Good luck with your studies. What subjects are you taking?

  2. Wowness..these are fantastic shots!!Totally stunning..beautiful..and love the cool!
    Yay..thanks for such a fabulous post!!
    you rock!

  3. this is the first time I met with the locks tradition-interesting!
    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

  4. Beautiful photos... just gorgeous! We have walked the same path...

  5. beautiful. London and Paris are on my bucket list. I think I should see them together. Hopefully in the next decade :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  6. Love locks in shoreditch!

    Nice Autumn shots :) x

  7. Such gorgeous photos! Wish I could pop over for a weekend!

    Advantage of evening over dawn: you don't have to get up so early 8-)

  8. yet another brilliant post!
    gorgeous shots of some glorious london areas!

    very nicely done:)


  9. Ahhh, I love this post! Just discovered your blog today. My office is right by Southbank and it was just so magical during the Olympics. Can't wait to see it in all seasons! x

  10. Thank you for the tour. The town looks lovely bathed in the golden light. I have seen the love locks in many parts of Asia. I only see a few padlocks. Usually it is packed that you can't find a place to put another lock.

  11. Beautiful autumn-y pictures! Having just returned to the city after a couple of weeks away, London has definitely sneaked into a new season when I wasn't watching...


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