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Natural History Museum London

I often hear people say that London is one of the most expensive cities on earth but you’d be surprised just how much there is to do for free.  Most of our art galleries and museums are free and if you go to any of the major museums during the week, you will see that they are full of little groups of school children absorbing a world of information and knowledge.  It is what I love most about London, even if I do try to get ahead of the school groups and away from them as soon as possible!

This autumn and winter I’ve promised myself to go to far more museums and art exhibitions than normal and to go to new ones too.

This all started when I went to the Natural History Museum at the beginning of October.  It started with the realisation that there is more to this fantastic place than just the Dinosaurs section.  My favourite sections are Creepy Crawlies and the entire Red Zone which features a journey to the centre of the earth and a really realistic earthquake simulation.

Of course, we spent the entire week exploring London that week and we barely touched the surface.  This became really apparent to me when I saw this list of Free London Attractions and I realised just how much I still need to see.  At the very top of my list (and only on the first page!) is the Bank of England Museum, The British Postal Museum & Archive, Museum of London, and Museum of London Docklands. 

Not only that but I’ve also made a pact with my colleague to go ice skating at Somerset House and finally attend Winter Wonderland. Can you believe that I’ve been here over five years and have never managed to do either of those things?

It is such an exciting time to be in London and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on earth right now.  How is your autumn / spring going?

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  1. I can understand you, Emm
    We enjoyed our Olympic trip so much that my husband and son will be returning to London soon.. I will make sure they look at your list !!

  2. I couldn't agree more there is so much to go to at the monement it is hard to know where to start. Another gallery for us next week perhaps?

  3. I always promise myself to visit more museums in my city ... maybe fall is a good period for that!
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  4. so cool, I work at the Museum!

  5. Having a look at the list I'm actually surprised at how many of these free attractions I've attended. We still need to get you to the V&A asap!

    This year I promised myself that I needed to do more Christmas things in the city, I must at least get to a xmas market.

  6. wow! that light in there is amazing! it's the price of the flight from the states that's stopping me. ;)

  7. @ This is Belgium: oh, I do hope you return soon! That will be lovely! Hopefully I will not have a summer cold this time!!

    @ Mo: Definitely! I will email you!

    @ Ola: Fall is the best season for it, certainly!! It is warm enough to wander about outside but nice to get inside to the warm indoors. In winter, it is either too cold to go outside altogether or we're busy with Xmas things.

    @ Sy: what an awesome place to work! You are very lucky. Strange, I thought you worked at British Museum.

    @ Melissa: yes, we must!! And well done at getting out and seeing so many. I will certainly be doing the same in future. Definitely try out the markets - I am sure you'd gather enough fr a lovely blog post!

    @ Bon Bon: Isn't it just?? I do hope we see you over here one day though or vice versa.


  8. It truly IS expensive, but you have made me very curious saying many things are free... I wonder if I can find these places listed in one spot where I could go and see which I would like to go to while I'm in London this time, I'm flying there on Tuesday and I'd love to take in a few things. I have been to the Docklands Museum, that was free and it really was a good little venture. Thanks for this blog! You are brilliant!

  9. it's hard to believe i've been to london so many times and yet haven't managed to get to some of these museums you mention here. what a shame!


  10. @ Tammy: London can definitely be expensive. I proved that when I spent twice my budget during that week of touring. But it absolutely can be affordable. I still believe that with planning and budgeting, you can do it for £20 per person per day including meals, transport and attractions. Any less than that and I'm afraid you'll be doing incredible amounts of walking and sandwich-making!

    @ Betty: I know! I live here and I've not managed it. Scandalous!

  11. I love the blog about the cost of visiting London. Staying here I could agree more London has so many amazing things to do for free and cheaply. I would consider the best stuff in London to be the free things such as the Museums and the markets. I love strolling through the markets looking at all the old vintage things.

  12. Well, it's nice to know there is a plethora of free things to do in London. One thing that I shy away from visiting is because of the costs. Did you know about the free London walking tours offered by Sandeman? I took one in Munich and will try to do more if I am ever in Europe again.

  13. Wow..magnificent shot..gorgeous and dramatic...! I would love to be visiting London...so beautiful!

  14. It is a lovely building, isn't it? My favourite part is upstairs with all the crystals and gemstones. I haven't seen the one that glows yet, though. Have you?

  15. HI Emm

    Long time no talk. That is an exquisite building. For some reason, natural history museums always have the most unique and inspiring architecture. It's like the structure is alive.


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