Featured Photo: St James Park in Autumn

St James Park in Autumn

October was about falling in love with London all over again.  I don’t really remember ever falling out of love with London, but this month I’ve taken the time to explore, visit new places, try new restaurants and meet up with friends old and new.  Which is probably just as well because this weekend, the slightly wet (if not rather mild) autumn turned into winter as the temperatures suddenly dropped and we experienced icy Arctic weather.  To think that I thought I was overdressed on Friday morning with gloves, scarf and hat! 

I took this photo on Friday morning on the way to walk.  When I get up early enough in the mornings, I catch the train to London Victoria and walk down Buckingham Palace Road, past Buckingham Palace, along The Mall to Trafalgar Square and then on to the Strand.  It is a walk that takes at least half an hour and then there is the problem that I can’t help taking a couple of photos along the way.  This one was taken on my iPhone.

We don’t usually experience such a bright array of colours in autumn in London as the leaves usually dry up and fall to the ground quite quickly.  However, because we had a really wet summer, trees have been able to retain their leaves longer than usually and London is a real treat at the moment. 

You can read a little more about it here: Colourful autumn in store, says RHS.

12 comments on "Featured Photo: St James Park in Autumn"
  1. beautiful photo, wonderful autumn colours!

    hope you have a great week ahead~

  2. It is interesting that I, as an Australian, look at autumn colours in a very particular way. Firstly I am grateful that today is 30c here, totally gorgeous for an October day. I didn't enjoy the cold weather in London at all, even in summer/autumn/spring.

    But even more importantly, I am used to grey-green evergreen trees and plants here, dull in colour and never lush :( Your photo reminds me of the beautiful colours and lush plant life that I miss so much.

    Noone shows the difference up more clearly than British and Australian landscape artists of the 1880-1914 era.

  3. nice photo, just like a post card. Autumn always give me a mix feelings, I like spring the best with all the flowers blooming..

  4. Beautiful picture! London in autumn is truly fabulous.

  5. just plain gorgeous !!
    all of us bloggers are on the same autumn track

  6. Beautiful! I've been to London in winter and summer, but never autumn. I never imagined it would be so colorful - thank you for sharing!

  7. Love the colours Mandy! And thanks for the comment on my blog... :)

  8. Hi there, I received your comments but they didn't all show up on my blog :(, Thank goodness for email! I did know that Universities are more expensive for foreigners but I honestly don't know a way around it, I can't get into the Country unless I have a visa and I have to have a reason for a visa... It's crazy. It will be tough affording everything!

  9. By the way, I love your photos, and I've never fallen out of love with London either!

  10. Just love St James Park, worked beside it for 23 years and it never failed to lift the spirits at anytime of the year. Not only is it a park for all seasons but over the years you basically saw everybody there from Betty Boothroyd going for her morning stroll, the Hamiltons going to a soiree, Peter Mandelson sitting on a bench worrying where his next mortgage was coming from to Oliver Letwin doing his confidential filing in a litter bin!


  11. This time of year is all about colors. Also here in Slovenia nature provides countless colorful photo opportunities every day.

    I guess London is a city easy to fall in love with... and it should also not be too hard to stay in such a relationship for a looooong time. Enjoy!

  12. @ Betty: Thank you!

    @ Hels: you know, I can deal with the cold here because it is cold from the moment you leave home to the moment you get back but nice and warm at home. In South Africa, our homes were freezing but it got up to 15°c and higher by lunch time, so no cute autumn and winter clothing!

    But it was the colours I hated most about South African winters - everything goes yellow. Yuck.

    I'll look out on your blog for those differences!!

    @ Agnes: Summer is my best! I love the heat and happiness!

    @ Kat: Isn't it just!! I loved our walk through the park!

    @ This is Belgium: I know!! I think we'll all been graced with beautiful colours, that is why.

    @ Tenaya: I don't remember it being this colourful before, but certainly October is a good time!

    @ Duncan: thank you and no problem!

    @ Tammy: yeah, you just need to go to your Blogspot spam folder and mark them as not spam! I totally get that! I never fell out of love with London in all the time I was in South Africa!

    @ DaithaiC: Fascinating! Aren't you working there anymore?

    @ Marko: I'm sure it is just exquisite in Slovenia!!!


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