Outtakes from Newtown, Johannesburg

When I wrote my post on Newtown recently, these were the photos I really wanted to share but didn’t.  Usually, these photos never see the light of day but I got the idea of doing a special outtakes post.

Please stand in the red circlesPlease stand in the red circles

I love South Africans, they are so helpful and informative.

Standing in the red circeStanding in the red circle

We also tend to do what we're told (not really).

The Craft market at Market Theatre, NewtownSeeing the full picture

But when we do, there are often surprising results.

Graffiti in NewtownGraffiti in Newtown

I was thrilled to see some great street art in dowtown Jo'burg.

Street Art, NewtownStreet Art in Newtown

I was also happy to see many of the artists I've seen in London before. I am almost convinced I have seen this artist in the Graffiti Tunnel in London before but I definitely spotted a Roa in Jo’burg which I will show you soon.

Ubuntu, Sophia Town, NewtownUbuntu = We are one

Ubuntu is a southern Africa philosophy that stresses that we are all one, that all we are is the interconnectivity we have with other human beings.  It is a massive concept in South Africa.

Brenda Fassie, NewtownBrenda Fassie

I quite liked this close up shot of the bronze statue of Brenda Fassie. The world is definitely a bit more boring without Ms Fassie in it.

Double Decker Highway, JohannesburgDouble Decker Highway

This is the famous double decker highway in Johannesburg.  The top tier carries traffic to the south and the bottom tier carries traffic to the north.  When we returned from holidays to the coast, we’d drive up through Johannesburg on the way home to our homes in the northern suburbs.  I always loved hitting this part of the highway and knowing I was on the home stretch.

What occurs to me most in this photo is just how much sky there is in Johannesburg.  I really miss it.

Together We Can Do So MuchTogether We Can Do So Much

This speaks volumes about the attitude in Johannesburg and in South Africa.  So much is said about crime and violence in South Africa but so many people are working to make a difference and to work together for a better future.  I definitely felt that in Newtown and all the other places I visited on my trip and there is no denying it, it makes me want to go home and be part of the change.

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