Three Colourful Facades of Polperro

Back in June I introduced you to Five Black and White Facades of Polperro and was asked why I had only taken monochrome photos of our Annual Rainy British Summer Holiday. Well, I hope that my other posts about Cornwall have proven how colourful our visit was with lush green hills and bright blue skies.

Still, I had fun with my iPhone on that trip, inspired to play around with monochrome and desaturation. And so, without further ado, I present three colourful facades of Polperro.

War Memorial Institute and Couch's Reading Room, Polperro

The Coombes is the long road that leads down from Crumplehorn Inn to the harbour in Polperro. As we wended our way down the Coombes, we stopped by some of the historic buildings along the road. We visited the art gallery in the Ebenezer Chapel which was built in 1877 and I bought some souvenirs in the market in the former village school which was built in 1878.

We stopped for a Cornish Cream Tea at a lovely little shop called Bean and Scone and I was simply inspired by this doorway. The plaque reads ‘War Memorial Institute and Couch's Reading Room, 1920’ and I think it might refer to famous Cornish author Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.

Nelsons Restaurant, Polperro

This was the gorgeous facade to Nelsons Restaurant (yes, no apostrophe) on the Saxon Bridge where we had a lovely seafood meal one evening. Betty, Peter and Tony Nelson established this restaurant in 1974 and are still running it to this day!

The Leeward Lounge, Polperro

Kids, dogs and muddy boots welcome at The Leeward Lounge. There were some fabulous signs and great humour in Polperro. This sign reminded me of the one we saw on our first evening in Polperro which noted that nice dogs and happy babies go free.

Am I the only one that needs to find inspiration before I can take photographs? I often find that I go out with my camera but find it difficult to take photos unless I can think of a story to tell.

Which do you prefer – the black and white photos from the previous post or the colourful ones in this post?

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