Exploring Royal Victoria Dock

The minute I stepped onto the platform at Canning Town, I began to feel the sheer energy and nervousness of the students around me. I like to call it the Morgue Train - the train from Canning Town to Custom House where ashen-faced students take their final journey before writing their exams at the ExCel centre. I wasn't nervous before I got onto that platform but I've decided I'm some sort of psychic sponge because I was a nervous wreck by the time I got off the train at ExCel.

So I decided to find a quiet place where I could plug in my earphones and listen to Alan Cumming read his book Not My Father's Son on Audible.

Royal Victoria Dock is really quite nice when you take the time to explore.

"Landed" a tribute to the workers of the Royal Docks from 1855-1983. Sculptor Les Johnson (2009). I took this photo straight into the sun so it didn't come out very well but I kind of like the silhouette effect.

This is Vulcan by Eduardo Paolozzi. I'm pretty sure this was erected after Paolozzi's death. I'd love to know the story behind that.

So did my little plan work? Well yes, a little too well. When the time came, I walked calmly into the exam hall and took my seat. I took a deep breath and told myself "I can do this" before opening up my paper. And then I realised that this was one of those papers, the papers my institute is notorious for with the 30% pass rates. I wanted an A but now I'll be satisfied with a pass. Anyway, onwards and upwards! My exam is over and I have a little bit of breathing space for a while. I'm hoping there is a lot more calm in this time and definitely a lot more exploration and photography.

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