An Escape to Palma Nova, Mallorca

Palma Nova, Mallorca. Tied up with the story of how I came to abandon this blog for three years is the tale of how I worked myself to the bone in January and February 2015 and took a week off in March to recuperate.

We travelled to Palma Nova, Mallorca for five days of sunshine. It was warm in the sun but not hot by any means and it was definitely out of season in Palma Nova with few shops or restaurants open.

Being introverted and in need of peace, we loved it. We spent early mornings on the balcony, sipping tea and enjoying the view from our sea-facing room. We stayed at the then-newly renovated Sol Beach House Hotel and loved the decor in our room and around the hotel. The food was lovely and the staff friendly.

I’m writing this in March 2020 when the world is under pressure due to Covid-19 and our holiday to Lanzarote has been cancelled this week. I was about to say, “here’s to memories of a simpler time” but the truth is that life is much simpler now that I work closer to home and don’t work the kind of hours I was working in London.

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