Day Out: Further up the Thames

This is the second part of my post on our ride up the Thames in a TFL Thames Clipper. [Part 1]

London Bridge

In the distance, you can see London Bridge.  It is a pretty boring, nondescript bridge and many people mistake the magnificent Tower Bridge for London Bridge.

Under London Bridge

London Bridge is simply a road bridge over the Thames.  Thankfully, it is made of concrete these days and is in no danger of burning down.

Southwark Bridge (1921) in front of Cannon Street Rail Station (1866)

I absolutely love all the bridges over the Thames. They are exquisite and they represent so many periods in history.

Millennium Bridge (2000), Blackfriars Railway Bridge (1924) + Blackfriars Bridge (1869) just visible

My favourite bridge in London is the Blackfriars Bridge.  Ignore me if you hear me say that Tower Bridge is my favourite because Blackfriars Bridge is really beautiful. 

Blackfriars Bridge (1869)

Thank you for allowing me to indulge my love of architecture and old bridges! Moving along swiftly now (as, indeed, the clipper was moving)...

The OXO Tower and complex (1929)

Big Ben (1859) and the Houses of Parliament

Our boat ride had taken us all the way from the O2 to the Westminster Millennium Pier. 

Eye in the sky

As you may know, I can’t get enough of the London Eye and I could sit and take photos of it all day.  I was pretty happy to get some new angles!

The London Eye (1999)

We got off the clipper at Bankside Pier which is right by the Globe Theatre.

The International Shakespeare Globe Centre and Globe Theatre

The Real Greek

We had lunch at The Real Greek which should be avoided at all costs.  The service was absolutely awful with the waitress forgetting half our order and neglecting to mention that the other half was not in stock.  Added to that, we got charged for all the items at the end but managed to correct the bill. Shocking, terrible service – I can see now why they weren’t full!

19 comments on "Day Out: Further up the Thames"
  1. I thought that London Bridge was in the U.S.

  2. Going up the Thames looks like a good idea, there's is a lot to see. The Blackfriars bridge looks beautiful. I also like the Millenium bridge, great design!

  3. Oh Emm, you would love it in Prague. There are so many bridges there over the Vltava river. And so much history :o)

  4. I almost went into The Real Greek a few weeks ago, but fortunately I went somewhere else instead. It sounds like a real second rate tourist trap!

  5. Love those bridges and that river! Your pix are making me very London-sick (can't say homesick because it's not my home, but it feels the same way!).

  6. Great photos. I have fond memories of going to Tower Bridge on the weekends. The husband and I would go to the cafe there and have a jacket potato, they were the best!

  7. I like these photos. I remember that London bridge because there's a song about it and I always sing to my baby.

    Have a great day!

  8. Hi Emm! Thanks for the info on the touristtrap!!

    The Republic of Uzupis. Never heard? Blogtrotter has it for you… ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  9. I can't wait to finally travel here. Great tour Emm

  10. Life's all about building bridges with friends, work colleagues and business contacts. Lovely shots of the London Eye and what can you say about the Real Greek, it sounds like you didn't even get bad service with a smile. I assume you've now tore that bridge down.

  11. Hi Emm ! Glad to know you are just hundred miles south from us. I've been to all these places. It's really nostalgic.

  12. Hi everybody! Sorry for the late replies - just arrived back from New York and catching up!

    @ sixmats: Heh. Yup, but after it was shipped out to the US they still needed a means of crossing the river and built a new bridge! At least they all stopped burning down!

    @ Juka: Yeah, I would definitely recommend a river cruise in summer!

    @ Ivanhoe: One day I will get to Prague. I don't know whether I want to go more in winter, when it is all misty and romantic, or in summer.

    @ Garry: You're very lucky you didn't!

    @ Kathy: Awwww... I imagine I am going to be feeling very NY-sick soon too - I already feel out of sorts after leaving!

    @ Theresa: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by! I love the Tower Bridge area. Yum, baked potato!

    @ hopeful: I still sing that every day when I arrive at the rail station!

    @ GMG: What tourist trap? You mean London? The entire raison d'ĂȘtre for this blog is for me to be an eternal tourist and notice the attractions in my own hometown! I think it is important to value that which is closest to us.

    @ Seb: Hiya. Thanks for stopping by! I use a Fujifilm Finepix 6.1 MP. Just a point and click digital camera really.

    @ Lauren: Let me know when you do come - I would love to play tour guide!

    @ Martyn: Very poetic! And yes, we are unlikely to return to that particular restaurant.

    @ Rolly: Jeepers! How did you land up in Birmingham? Great car park in the West, I like to call it, on account of how it looks during rush hour traffic!

  13. Blackfriars Bridge is my fave as well. I used to work in the Sea Containers House just across the bridge and walked over it from the station every day and back again while the sun was setting over St. Pauls. Miss that!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog... I added you to my blogroll. Hope you don't mind :)

  14. Great pictures. It's a long time since I actaually been a boat up the Thames.

  15. @ little london: of course I don't mind - thank you! I added you too!

    @ Lizzie: Where exactly do you live? Still in or near London?

  16. Oh gosh, I'm going back and reading all of your posts I've missed these last few weeks and this one made me realize: I'M HOMESICK FOR ENGLAND.

    I'll get over it, of course. Sniffle, sniffle.

  17. @ JaPRA: Hee hee. Your posts are making my wanderlust increase so I guess we are even!

  18. London is wonderfull!
    Along to 5 days, I visited this amazing city.

  19. @ D-girl: London is indeed a wonderful, wonderful city.


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