New York day 7: Saying Goodbye

It is New Year’s Eve now and I thought it only fitting that I write my last New York post today as I wave goodbye to an interesting year and an awesome trip.   On my final afternoon, I spent the time absorbing the signs, sounds, buildings and feel of New York as I looked for what makes it so alive and unique.  I have to admit that I tried my best not to absorb the smells though.

Ship Mosaic at Fulton Street subway
Ship Mosaic at Fulton Street subway

Platform at Fulton Street subway
Platform at Fulton Street subway

It was a bit of a shock at first to see how grimy and dark the subways were!  It made me appreciate the London Underground more!  The one thing that impressed me about the New York City subway stations is how unmistakably ancient they are.  The London Underground is actually a lot older than the New York City subway but our stations are so much more modern! (Did you notice that?  I said “our”; I think my assimilation into the United Kingdom is compete).

Signs at Fulton Street subway Signs at Fulton Street subway (2)

Before I went to New York, terms like “downtown”, “uptown” and “Upper East Side” were familiar to me but I had no idea what they actually meant.  Now it is as clear to me as could be; about as clear, in fact, as my desire to to move one husband, two dogs and one-and-three-quarter cats right over there right now.

I had to get up insanely early the next morning to catch a taxi to Newark airport and so my holiday pretty much ended on the Saturday night.  The sun was just rising as we drove to the airport.

New Jersey across the Hudson River
New Jersey across the Hudson River

And that was it.   The most amazing week was over and it was time to return to sunny England.

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    17 comments on "New York day 7: Saying Goodbye"
    1. I often have wondered why the week seemingly flies by when on holiday, yet drags on when back at home and the tasks at hand. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

    2. Great set of posts Emm.

      I really would like to see some shots of your subway system over there in London. I've seen it in movies, but that's about it.

      I hope you have had a great holiday over there and have a very happy New Year!

    3. The London underground is definitely more pleasant, as are the public loos there. I put it down to actually hiring people to take care of them, which American cities seem unwilling or unable to do. I, for one, would pay higher taxes for plenty of clean public restrooms, but I'll get off my soapbox now.

      And wish you a happy, happy new year!

    4. I loved all your New York posts! I hope you have a happy new year! :)

    5. Hey stranger, looks like I find you once again in one of your favorite cities. Are you spending New Years There? Or have you already left?

    6. Hi Emm a great series of photographs and articles.

      Only a woman could make 7 days last so long :-)

      Have a Happy New Year.

    7. Return to sunny England, eh? U sound delighted that you can make it back :-)

      Lovely pics... and yes the subway bit was a surprising revelation! As for ur putting it as 'our', I still do it... and I stayed in London only for barely a year! Cheers! :D

    8. I know you via Blog Of Note! I love each post your New York trip! Thank you for sharing with us sooooooo pretty photos. Happy New Year!! :)

    9. Emm, loved your NYC photos!
      Happy New Year!! May all your dreamsand wishes become a reality in 2010!!
      love and hugs

    10. I rather like the style of the Fulton Street subway, but perhaps that was the best of them all. One of my American friends once said that she avoided travelling on the subway and having read your post, I think I understand why now.

    11. Happy New Year! Your trip to NY sounded amazing and a photographer's dream! I haven't been there in decades.

    12. Looks like an unforgettable holiday.

      Happy New Year and a great 2010!

    13. @ Rob: I so agree!! Although my work weeks usually fly uncomfortably fast too.

      @ Phoenix: Excellent - I shall endeavor to whip you up a post in the Spring then!

      @ Kathy: I didn't much mind the public conveniences I did visit in New York although there was one scary experience in DC when I instinctively flushed my toilet paper after being warned not to. but the subway was a big shock! So dark and black and dirty and dusty!

      @ Meg: Thank you!! I enjoyed writing them too but am glad they are finally done!

      @ Lauren: Ha! No... that was still from my visit in June. I only just finished posting about it.

      @ Mike: Haa haa! Can you imagine how long sufering my porr husband is!?

      @ Ash: I think it all comes down to how much you and I feel we belong here!

      @ Chen Yin Tzu: :) Yes, that was one of the more exciting things that happened in the year too.

      @ Betty: thank you! See you on the other side!

      @ Sheila: It certainly wasn't the London Underground. I mean, I refuse to touch or hold on to anything on London transport, so you can imagine how I was in New York!

      @ AVCr8teur: Oh, you have to go back! I would love to see YOUR photos!

      @ ManOverBoard: Hey Glenn, I'm Emm, not Lauren. Yet another reason why you shouldn't copy and paste your comments!

      @ Juka: It was fantastic! Now hopefully I can see some of Europe this year and visit some of the sights I've seen in your blog!

    14. Hey Emm, seems like you had a blasting vacation. I still have to visit New York, but as always money is the barrier.

    15. @ Pule: Ha ha. Just be careful - you might fall in love like I did and never want to leave again!

    16. Hi Emm! Happy New Year!! Wit lots of travel to NC... for me too... ;))

      Meanwhile Blogtrotter has reached 500 posts on all blogs with some views of «La Petite France, Strasbourg», truly missing your comments! Enjoy and have a first great week in 2010!!!

    17. @ GMG: Wow, congrats on the 500! I do hope to get back to all of my blog reading this week - just trying to get back into the groove after a hectic December!


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