Snow! At Last!

So, the long anticipated English winter finally arrived this week. On Tuesday, we experienced our first sub-zero temperatures and although we had some stunning blue skies this week, it was really cold!  Despite the cold, I was absolutely, 100% convinced that it was not going to snow.  Call it denial but I honestly thought that the snow wouldn’t fall in my little corner of south east England.

The First Snow

I was wrong.  It began snowing at about 9pm last night and must have snowed through the night because we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.

Waking up to a world of snow

Actually, that is not strictly true.  I woke up to the sounds of my neighbour shovelling snow from his driveway.  Now I have never heard that in my life before!  The snow isn’t usually bad enough for that in England but I expect that his wife had struggled to leave for work this morning. Anyway, it was weird.  

A Snow Tetraptych

The next thing I heard was Stephen having an earnest conversation with our cat.  “No really, you don’t want to go outside… I told you you didn’t want to go outside!”

Playing in the snow

Later on in the morning my neighbours came out to play on their snowboards.  It was so cute as all I could hear was “Squeal! Giggle, giggle, giggle”.

I have no doubt that the snow is going to be less of a novelty or source of amusement tomorrow when I don my cow-print wellies and walk to the rail station in the snow, but it was pretty cool today.

20 comments on "Snow! At Last!"
  1. When I was out and about on Saturday I had a feeling that snow wasn't far away, and about time too. London looks so much cleaner!

    While I was enjoying the Winter Wonderland this afternoon, it wasn't even was in fact surprisingly mild. Embrace and enjoy the snow is my motto...

  2. It is funny but I too did not believe it would snow. What is it about not believing weather forecasts? I never really do!

  3. Oh, isn't it lovely to be waking up to a winter wonderland ;) You'll probably be over it in a day or so when it has all turned to a grey sludge but enjoy it as long as it lasts, you may not be seeing this again for a long time to come.

  4. We are still waiting for our winter wonderland. This winter's warm weather is absolutely unheard of in my neck of the wood. Enjoy! :)

  5. I had the same feeling we'd miss out on the snow. Then we had a small amount Thursday night and the temperature dropped to -5°C. Nothing on Friday, but on at about 5:30pm yesterday the snow returned with a vengeance. By midnight we'd received 14cm :-)

    I probably woke some of the neighbours shovelling snow from the path! I hope they didn't mind too much ;-)

    I hope you enjoy the snow...

  6. Was the snow very pretty? We only lived in Britain through a couple of winters and so perhaps I can't speak with authority. It was cold alright and quite miserable but I never saw any snow.

    Nowadays I suppose everyone has central heating. But back then people had one room heater on overnight, to take advantage of off-peak power rates.

  7. Does it snow very often in London? It looks lovely until you have to walk or drive in it. Keep warm!

  8. here is terribly cold, in the night even -20
    and snow is also expected this week

  9. Was really pretty even if the whole country came to a standstill.

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  11. Snow! In England!

    Here in Minneapolis -- where we usually have a good six feet of it by February -- there is NOTHING on the ground. Nothing.

    Enjoy your snow -- I miss ours!!


  12. I'm guessing the snow has cleared now, or worse, turned into that awful brown slush. This has been one of the mildest winters for a while, no real snow of note up here.

  13. Such lovely snow! Several years ago we were in Devon, in March, and it snowed and snowed and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was pregnant and exhausted but it was lovely!

  14. Cool:-)
    We have snow here too now. Weird stuff, when the snow comes.. I want Spring:-)

  15. We've had so little snow this has been very strange. A HUGE storm in October that took out power for a week around the state...and then a bit in January. Now only little patches. I miss it.

  16. i wish we have some snow to enjoy here in Malaysia. i live in a tropical country so we only have the wet and dry seasons. :(

  17. @ William: I agree - it has been remarkably warm, despite having snowed. I keep looking for signs of that nice clean London you mentioned but I never saw it!

    @ Jenny: I was absolutely convinced, I tell you!

    @ Giselle: Ha! Thankfully it all melted before turning to sludge or ice!

    @ Ivanhoe: I know! I remember some pretty snowy winters in your neck of the woods in the past! I see you got your snow now though.

    @ John: Heh, I wouldn't mind the shoveling except that we live on a private road with no pavements and no through traffic. There is really little point.

    @ Hels: I definitely wouldn't be able to live here without central heating. It is the number one selling point over living in South Africa: my nose doesn't freeze solid in winter.

    @ AVCr8teur: Well, it may snow once a year, usually in December or February. It is not usually very heavy and it snows less down south than up north. But so far, we've had snow every year. 2009 and 2010 were really heavy where the whole of the UK was whited out on satellite!

    @ Ola: I don't think I have ever been in temperatures that cold!

    @ Mo: Well, my train was 30 minutes late on Monday, but that was the total disruption to me!

    @ Eliane: Hi there, pleased to meet you! I can imagine that you don't get much snow at all in Brazil, with the high altitudes and climate.

    @ Pearl: Heh, call me a grinch but I never miss snow when it doesn't come. Except when I actually want a day at home! It is certainly unusual for it not to snow in Minneapolis!

    @ Ryan: Nope, all melted.

    @ North Side Four: wow, it must have been freezing! Devon winters are dire at the best of times!

    @ Spiderdama: I want spring too but this has been the best autumn and winter of my life.

    @ Laura: heh. i don't miss it!! No power must have been interesting in a snow storm!

    @ Life Ramblings: I would choose your weather over mine any day.

  18. I love the snow. It was gone so quick and didn't even make the most of it (especially it was my first time)

    You mentioned about going to Philippines next year. Manila is busier than Cebu. If you like the beaches and the less hectic city, I would suggest you go to Cebu..

    Please check this post of mine to get you an idea what Cebu is like

  19. And just when I was getting ready to head to The Heath with my sledge for a blast, it all disappeared quicker than it arrived! Which was a shame!

  20. @ Donah: I know, right! I am sure you will get the chance to see some decent snow while you are in the UK. Thanks for the link to your Cebu post! I remember seeing that which is why I suggested to my friend that we go there rather than Manila. Can you recommend a good airline?

    @ William: Exactly - there is no trace of it in my area anymore although there was still evidence in St Albans on Sunday.


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