Valentines in London

Valentines Day in London

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Or, as we like to say in South Africa, Happy Wellington’s Day*

I caught these two models in a City of London alley last Saturday morning.  It was freezing as it was the day before the snow finally came and I felt really sorry for them!


* Thank you, Raj 1 and Raj 2 and the South African Corsa Lite adverts.  I wish I could find the original Valentine’s Day adverts where they coined the term ‘Wellington’s Day’.  They were hilarious.  “Corsa Lite, the light side of life!”

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  1. Sweet capture! Happy Valentine's Day, Emm! :)

  2. Oh, wow, it looks anything but romantic! great shot, Emm! I am often sorry for models, because they have to stand still for so long and often in such inappropriate clothes for the weather.

    Must say I have never heard of Wellington day. Presumably nothing to do with boots or Paddington Bear? :)

  3. @ Ivanhoe: Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    @ Jenny: Heh, it is a South Africa thing. It was an advert featuring two South African Indian men called Raj 1 and Raj 2 who gloriously mispronounced Valentine's Day as Wellington's Day which is not improbable if you've ever heard their accents.

    My South Africa friend Vanessa also celebrated Wellington's Day: 45 of 366

  4. how cute !! it makes a great photograph! happy day to you too !

  5. Ah young love...

    Happy Welly Day

  6. happy wellington's day, my friend!

    that photo is unique btw.


  7. What an amazing capture - so beautiful! Well-done, Emm!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Happy Wellington's Day, Emm! What a lovely photo.

  9. Nice picture. I love the red balloons.

  10. So why is it called Wellington's Day?

  11. @ This is Belgium: thank you! thought it was a cute scene too!

    @ Ryan: thank you, and to you too!

    @ Betty: I agree, I like that scene!

    @ Ash: Thanks Ash! I like the way it came out.

    @ Giselle: Thank you - and to you.

    @ Flutietootie: Thanks - the red balloons are what caught my eye!

    @ Ashley: it was from a South Africa accent and was a play on the South African Indian accent.

  12. This really is a great photo; I like how they are off center and the way the red heart balloons draw the eye. Well done!

  13. Happy belated Wellington's day! ;)
    Hope you had a good one, Em!

  14. AWwww...positively so sweet!
    Happy V-day Emm..

  15. Looks like you caught them during a private moment. Hope you had a Happy Valentine's/Wellington's Day!

  16. Wellington's Day - I like it, though I can imagine it becoming wellingtons day, a time for everyone to don their boots!!

    I liked your post on St Edmundsbury Cathedral:-)

  17. hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  18. Nice picture. A belated happy Wellington's day...

  19. @ Li: Thank you! I like the way it came out too.

    @ London Caller: Thank you very much!

    @ Victoria: It was very sweet, without being overly so!

    @ AVCr8teur: It does look like that but they were models - I managed to not capture the photographer.

    @ Jabblog: Hee hee. It is far too hot in South Africa at this time of year to wear wellies!

    @ Aviary Images: It was lovely, thanks.

    @ Mo: Hee, thanks!

    @ William: Thank you!

  20. wow, love is in the air. hope you had a great Valentine's day.


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