A Walk Through London’s West End at Night

Centre PointCentre Point

Catch a tube from Tottenham Court Road to Charing Cross? You could walk that! So said Mela and Greg but I scoffed at the suggestion of walking.  It was cold and dark outside and besides, I had walked up from Charing Cross to Goodge Street that morning.

That was until I got to Tottenham Court Road and realised I had no change left.  Not wanting to pay £2 by card, I decided to take an impromptu photo walk back to Charing Cross. 

Corner Shaftsbury Avenue and Bloomsbury StreetCorner Shaftsbury Avenue and Bloomsbury Street

Murdock London, Monmouth StreetMurdock London, Monmouth Street

Pop Boutique, Monmouth StreetPop Boutique and Hotel Chocolat, Monmouth Street

Traditional English Sweets, Earlham StreetTraditional English Sweets, Earlham Street

Warm winter clothing, Earlham StreetAppropriately warm winter clothing for sale, Earlham Street

The Coliseum, St Martins Lane

The Coliseum, St Martins LaneThe Coliseum, St Martins Lane

Nelsons Column Trafalgar SquareNelson's Column, Trafalgar Square

Despite being bright and sunny earlier in the morning, it had been a bitterly cold day but it was quite pleasant as I walked down the streets and lanes.  This really has been the mildest winter I have experienced in England and it has been great!

I see from my photos that it looks like the streets were deserted.  They really weren’t! The streets were packed with people going to the theatre, clubs or restaurants, or just sight-seeing like me.  Nelson’s Column looked so magical all lit up with a Chinese dragon – I just wish I had been able to capture a better shot of it!  My camera can get quite stubborn when it believes there is nothing to capture!

These photos were taken on the day that we went to Ping Pong Dim Sum, saw the BT Tower and went to the British Museum.

13 comments on "A Walk Through London’s West End at Night"
  1. These look fabulous! So clear and crisp. Your camera course are paying off :)

  2. Lovely shots, Emm! I have yet to come out at night and take some city pics with my new cam. Spring is coming though, so hopefully soon :)

  3. Love the walk at night. The city has a completely different feel and story to tell at night. Love all the lights

  4. Good on you for walking.

    I would love to have lived in the area and socialised with the Bloomsbury Set. They seemed to live very nicely, with their bohemian lifestyle and sexual adventures. Those Georgian houses are wonderful.

  5. I LOVE London :) It's so very beautiful!

  6. So gorgeous Emm..how I wish I could take a stroll down all these magical streets..and I especially love nighttime..everything is more mysterious..these shots captivate me..beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing you magic!
    PS: thankyou for your awesome visits, beautiful words and bloggy friendship...i truly appreciate you and all your magnificent blogs and magic you share ...and your thoughtful words mean so much always!
    Happy wkd..have a fab one!

  7. Walking is the best way to explore central London. ;)
    And I walk a lot. :)
    I just finished a 72-mile Capital Ring recently, which I started like 2~3 years ago.

  8. Nice shots! I also always found it interesting how people dress up in London. I bet those T-shirts are selling just as good in the middle of winter as they do during the rest of the year. ;)

    I was just wondering... what are actually traditional English sweets? I have never taken a closer look at a stand like that before.

  9. Love these photos, Emm! I've found myself in similar situations before...forced to walk when money's short for transport. But they always end up worth the walk, don't they? Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  10. London looks gorgeous at night. i'd have loved to wander around the streets with you.

  11. fantastic shots, emm!

    london looks magical at night!
    you just made me want to go here.


  12. @ Ashwathy: Thank you!

    @ Melizza: We had some lovely clear days over this winter, didn't we?

    @ Ivanhoe: I'm really enjoying night time photography as my camera makes it so easy!

    @ Rob: London is a truly beautiful city at night and there are so many different facets from old and anicent to hip and trendy.

    @ Hels: Ha! If I had to choose an era, it would be 1960s London or California!

    @ Ashley: Agreed!

    @ Victoria: Thank you m'dear!

    @ London Caller: that sounds pretty impressive!

    @ Marko: Oh, England is a sweet lovers dream! It was one of the things I missed most when I lived in South Africa. Flying saucers, buttons, red licorice. You name it!

    @ Candace: Thank you! I definitely walk more in the UK than when I loved in SA.

    @ Life Ramblings: that would be fun - a tandem photo walk.

    @ Betty: Thank you! Come visit, and let me know when you do.


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