The Splendour of Lille’s Grand’Place

Vielle Bourse, Grand Place, Lille

In the heart of Lille, you will find the Grand’Place, the favourite meeting place of countless generations of Lillois.  It was once home to an important medieval market and today displays a proud array of architecture from the 17th to the 20th century.

In 1944, the Grand’Place was officially renamed to the Place du Général-de-Gaulle in honour of Charles de Gaulle who was made an Honorary Citizen of the City of Lille. It can be confusing as signs, maps and guidebooks refer to both places but it is one and the same.

Dominating the square is La Vieille Bourse, the site of the old Stock Exchange which was built from 1652 to 1653.

Mercury in the Belltower of La Vielle Bourse

La Vielle Bourse is a truly spectacular example of 17th century Flemish renaissance style architecture and is notable for the intricate detail on its facade and the gilded figure of Mercury dancing upon the ornate belltower.  La Vielle Bourse is made up of 24 identical townhouses that open up onto a central gallery overlooking a courtyard.

La Vielle Bourse detail

Today, you can walk through the central courtyard of La Vielle Bourse and browse through the books or records on sale under the ornamented archways.  At night the courtyard is often cleared to make way for dancing couples.

Inside La Vielle Bourse

Mercury is not alone in gracing the Grand’Place and there are in fact four very important women looking out over the square. The first is the statue of the Goddess, standing above her column to commemorate Lille’s successful resistance to the Austrian siege of September 1792. Despite being surrounded by an Austrian force of 35,000 men who pummelled the city with cannonballs, the far smaller Lillois force stood firm, causing the Austrians to give up and retreat eight days later.

There are still houses in Lille that bear cannonball damage to this day.  Sadly, we’ve only seen photos of these houses with their distinctive circular scars but we did not find any ourselves.

The Goddess, GrandPlace, Lille

In addition to the Goddess, the statue of three women stands watching over the Grand’Place at the pinnacle of the stepped roof of the La Voix du Nord building.  Known locally as the Trois Grâces (Three Graces), they represent the three former provinces of the region: Flanders , Artois and Hainault.  La Voix du Nord is the regional newspaper (The Voice of the North)and has been running since 1941 when it was an underground newspaper of the French resistance.

La Voix Nord et La Grand Garde, Lille

It is quite easy to walk past the former site of the Grand’Garde with its classical architecture and dominant staircases but the building above once housed the soldiers from the King’s sentry guard.  Today the Grand’Garde (meaning “the outpost”) is the home of the Théâtre du Nord.  Like I said, we walked right by this building as our eyes were firmly on La Vielle Bourse but it does have some lovely details, including the weather vane on the triangular pediment, depicting the sun, emblem of King Louis XIV.

Chambre de Commerce

Wherever you stand in the Grand’Place, you can see the splendid 76 metre high belfry of the Chambre de Commerce peeking out behind La Vielle Bourse.  This beautiful neo-Flemish building is the official home of the Lille Chamber of Commerce and is situated in the Place du Théâtre behind the Grand’Place.  Built between 1910 – 1921, it was designed by architect Louis-Marie Cordonnier who chose to design the building in line with the nearby 17th century houses.

Next to the Chambre de Commerce is the Opera de Lille with its beautiful high relief of Apollo and his muses.

Opera de Lille

Opera de Lille boasts a full calendar of opera, dance and concerts each year and is one of the reasons that Lille is such a popular Eurostar destination.  One thing is for sure, their tickets are far more affordable than the Royal Opera House in London.

Ala Cloche d'Or

Finally, just before we exited the Grand’Place and began our stroll through the narrow streets and alleyways of Old Lille, we took the time to appreciate the old storefronts of the businesses facing the square.  I thought that these looked magical and reminded me of fairy tales about clockmakers and shoemakers, poor little match girls and whimsical princesses.  Have I mentioned that Lille really inspired my imagination?

Montre Omega Lille

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  1. What fabulous buildings! Thanks for sharing your excellent photos.

  2. How pretty! Even in overcast, the palace looks so majestic! Prague has some damage from WWII! I have yet to find it myself, too :)

  3. Lille looks like a wonderful city to explore and photograph. You must have had a great trip.

  4. I've been meaning to take the Eurostar to Lille, it is so quick and easy. In these amazing buildings we see what the Victorians here were trying to copy, too.

  5. So many great buildings and with so beautiful details. You always take very nice pictures of buildings:-) I've been here, but must admit that I did not take any pictures of buildings:-(
    Hope you have a great trip!!

  6. Such unique architecture. I swear I could live in Europe and never finish photographing such wonderful places. Chambre de Commerce has to be my favorite.

  7. I have never been to Lille - until now, that is :-) Thank you for showing me around!

    PS Thank you for the nice comment!

  8. We visited Lille years ago and saw the Palais des Beaux Arts. Sadly the abiding memory was of the heat rather than anything else.

  9. You know that the trip in TGV from Brussels to Lille is less than 30 minutes. I am planning an excursion in July and will be sure to look at your posting before going
    tot ziens

  10. @ Kathy: thank you! Lille is just so beautiful!

    @ Ivanhoe: Really? I would love to visit Prague one day, it was the second place I really ever longed to visit, after Thailand and before Italy. One day I will visit!

    @ Clueless in Boston: it was lovely but I'd like to return when it is sunny!

    @ Jenny: oh, were the Victorians trying to copy that? That makes a little bit of sense now...

    @ AVCr8teur: yes! I really liked that building! I could definitely live there too.

    @ RuneE: well thank you for joining me on my trip!

    @ Sheila: hee hee. Typical that you would find it too hot while we were too cold! We must go back to see Palais des Beaux Arts.

    @ This is Belgium: yes, we definitely want to visit Brussels too one day! It is so close to Lille, as you say.

  11. Never been to Lille but now I consider it worth a visit :-)

  12. @ Dominic: It is lovely! So good I'd consider returning!

  13. thanks for this great post about my town ! ♥

  14. I'm glad you enjoyed it @Kitschmoog!


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