Featured Photo: The Rescue

The Rescue

When we visited Lille, we parked really far away from the centre of town.  As we began the long walk back to the car, we got increasingly uneasy as response cars and fire trucks raced up the road, sirens on and lights blazing, and soon we noticed a lot of smoke.  We had the whole conversation about just how much trouble we’d be in if it was our car on fire, despite being insured.  Let’s just agree that we’d probably still be in France sorting it out.

It turns out that a fire had broken out in a nearby apartment building and we reached the scene in time to watch people being rescued from the building.  The whole situation was very calm and professional and as far as we could tell, everyone was rescued and reached safety.

And we were very, very lucky too.  We were parked in that precise part of the street, one street along.  Apart from having to conduct an illegal u-turn and drive into oncoming traffic, we were able to get away just fine.  I guess the poor people in France have come to expect that from GB drivers anyway.

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  1. Narrow escape! Thank goodness you weren't involved in any way. I have no idea what it would be like trying to sort out insurance or anything (and I'm touching wood firmly as I say this).

  2. So glad to hear nothing happened to you or your car. I am sure the Lillois did not give your u turn maneuvers much tougth !

  3. I am glad everything turned out OK. I guess close calls like this really make us appreciate what we have. Life is good!

    Keep it up!

  4. Oh wow! Glad it all turned out alright :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  5. Fire is always horrible, and often tragic. But even when everything is PERFECTLY under control, I fall apart when faced with crises when I am
    a] far away from home and
    b] driving on the right hand side of the road.

    A local knows what to do and what to expect from others; a tourist is left in confusion.

  6. when I was a kid I was always terribly scared hearing about a fire! goot that it was not your car!

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  7. Hi Emm..wow..pretty wild..glad all is aok!! Hugs!
    Wising you a beautiful week!

  8. At least you weren't too stressed out to grab a shot of the fire truck.

  9. @ Sheila: thank you! I can only imagine that it involves a lot of admin and hefty payments out of your own pocket first.

    @ This Is Belgium: well, I must say, we did find them incredibly friendly and accommodating.

    @ Ivanhoe: us too, believe me!

    @ Hels: Absolutely right! It can be quite bewildering trying to cope with uncertainties in a foreign country, especially if you can't speak the language!

    @ Ola: definitely! I have a massive respect for fire.

    @ Victoria: yeah, luckily everything was perfect.

    @ Clueless In Boston: ha ha! Both my husband and I are trained in fire safety, first aid and health and safety. We were fascinated!!

  10. I would never consider driving in a foreign country. Don't know the local rules of the road nor can read the signs in another language. Although, I always wondered how it would to drive in England on the other side of the road. I am glad to hear no one was injured and it was not your car.

  11. @ AVCr8teur: you know, I was so naive. I once fancied I could hire a car and just make my way around the Balkans on my own. Just being a passenger in France was a frightening eye-opener.


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