Featured Photo: The Paralympic Agitos on Tower Bridge

Paralympic Agitos on Tower Bridge

The Agitos are the symbols of the International Paralympic Committee and were unveiled at Tower Bridge on Friday.  The Agitos will remain on Tower Bridge until 12 September so make sure that you go along to capture them! 

Did you know that the term “Paralympics” means that they run parallel to or alongside the Olympic Games?  The Paralympics will run from 29 August to 9 September and will hopefully run smoothly following the trial run last month.

5 comments on "Featured Photo: The Paralympic Agitos on Tower Bridge"
  1. Wow, I had not noticed these at all. Talk about unobservant. I only went over the darn bridge :)

  2. What a beautiful symbol! Of course, almost anything would look beautiful associated with that bridge 8-)

  3. London seems to be brimming with excitement this year.

  4. I always thought that Paralympics meant that they were all about paraplegic athletes. Learning something every day :)
    Hugs from Ohio,


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