Capturing Moments: An Instagram Tour of Milan

I was trying to explain to a group of new friends the other day that I see a difference between the art of photography and capturing images on Instagram. For me, Instagram is about moods, impressions and observations. Using filters, text and hash tags, we capture a moment in time, much like our parents did on Polaroid film. Before I take you on a tour of the fabulous things we saw in Milan, I thought I’d show you my first and last impressions of Milan along with my original comments.

Via Emilio Milan

Milan. Oh so pretty and stylish

Bike and courtyard in Milan

Milan. Cosmopolitan and metropolitan.

Tagging in Milan

Milan. Gritty and urban.

View from Hotel Palladio, Milan

Milan. A room with a view.

Courtyard Hotel Palladio

Milan. Stylish. The courtyard of our hotel.

Brera, Milan

Brera, Milan.

Raining in Brera, Milan

It rained in Milan today.


One last look at Brera

Leonardo da Vinci, Piazza Scala

Leonardo, Piazza delle Scala

Urban Milan

Lone figure at a window. (Arrivederci Milan)

Milan really surprised me. I was worried that there would be little to do, that I might not enjoy it but I really did like it and would love to revisit the city.

What do you think? Do you think I captured the mood and tone of Milan?

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