An afternoon in the Fruška Gora, Novi Sad

Recently Tricia Mitchell asked me whether I enjoyed my time in the Fruška Gora and I decided to answer her in photos. Fruška Gora is a mountain range just outside of Novi Sad in Serbia and it is known for its pine forests, vineyards and monasteries. I spent one long, wonderful day there in June and this is our story in five (or so) photos.

There was a little bit of this - Krušedol monastery, Fruška Gora:

Krusedol Monastery, Fruska Gora

And a little bit of this - Velika Remeta monastery, Fruška Gora:

Velika Remeta monastery, Fruška Gora

We also visited the women's monastery at Grgeteg, Fruška Gora:

Grgeteg women's monastery, Fruška Gora

We had a fantastic lunch at Hotel Norcev, Fruška Gora and I came face to face with a NATO missile:

NATO missile, Hotel Norcev, Fruška Gora

And finally, I saw my first ever ex-Yugoslavia spomenik, a giant concrete World War II memorial:

Novi Sad Spomenik Fruska Gora

And a final bonus photo of my time in the Fruška Gora - the communications tower targeted by NATO in 1999:

Bombed out communications tower, Fruska Gora

I can’t wait to tell you more about each of these and my post on the first monastery Krušedol is almost ready to publish!

Today is just a short post and I’m glad that I’d put this selection of photos together on Twitter because that made it a little easy. Despite having prepared my photos and written most of the content for my post on Krušedol, I simply couldn’t manage to finish it tonight. 

Life is super busy at the moment with lots of dates with my friends and family, a gruelling study schedule and long days at work where I pick up new and more challenging duties. I’m beginning to feel like I’ve become very boring, I must admit! I wouldn’t want it any other way but it does mean that for the foreseeable future, I might not have as much time to blog here at Emm in London. I’ll try not to be too negligent though!

Having said that, I do actually have some posts planned over the next week. On Friday I’ll be telling you about a long-distance call app that I tried out and we’re back next Friday too with the monthly travel link up. The theme this month is Staycations. The idea is to share what people can do in your corner of the world, whether it is an afternoon, a long weekend or a holiday. I already wrote about Ten Things To Do In Johannesburg in May, so this time I’ll be writing about Kent.

What are you up to this summer? Are you getting everything done or are you like me, trying to squeeze more hours into an already full day?

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