An Afternoon Tea at the Queen’s House, Greenwich

Afternoon tea with a view at the Queen's House

Have you ever had a perfect afternoon? Perhaps I can describe mine to you.

The Queen's House Greenwich

Two friends Kat and Mandy sit on a balcony of The Queen’s House, Greenwich.

Greenwich observatory

A sitar player performs on the lawn below as the friends chat and gaze over Greenwich Park towards the Royal Observatory in the distance.

Sandwiches at the Queen's House

Afternoon tea is served with the freshest of homemade sandwiches, delicious petit fours and the lightest of scones.

Peppermint tea

All of this is served in quaint, mismatched Paragon china and washed down with peppermint tea.

Steampunk couple at the Queen's House

All around them there is merriment at The Queen’s House for this weekend is the Steampunk summer fete. Next to the friends sit a Victorian couple in all of their finery…

Steampunk at the Queen's House

… while a walk through the house afterwards will introduce them to dashing gentlemen in waistcoats and pantaloons.

Steampunk airgun at the Queen's House

There is even a chance to spy an authentic Steampunk airgun.

Henrietta Maria Regina keystone Queen's House

After their sitting, the friends take a long walk around The Queen’s House to see the impressive selection of artwork.

Artwork Queen's House

In addition to the portrait of Queen Ann of Denmark, there are works by Gainsborough, Turner and Hogarth. One of the friends quite likes the puritans in the paintings on the right.

All in all it is a perfect afternoon and one that will live long in the memories of both of the friends. When later pressed, they might not be able to pinpoint exactly why it was so lovely. The food was certainly delicious and the atmosphere one of languid enjoyment but perhaps it will just go down as a moment in time, shared by two friends in London.

How would you describe your perfect afternoon? Would you join me on mine?

Afternoon tea at the Queen’s House will run throughout the summer on Sundays and selected Saturdays until the 28th September. Booking is essential but I would say that this is the must-do event of the summer.

Afternoon tea at the Queen's House
The Queen’s House Loggia
Romney Rd
SE10 9NF

Cost: Afternoon Tea £22, Prosecco tea £27.50, Tea & tour £30, Prosecco tea & tour £35.50
Open: every Sunday and selected Saturdays. Sittings 12.30, 14.00, 15.30

We were guests of the Queen’s House during our visit. As always, I promise to share sincere and honest opinions with my readers.

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