New York day 4: Mets vs. Cardinals

It had been quite a day so far! I’d woken up in Manhattan, spent the morning at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the afternoon on both sides of Brooklyn Bridge and in the early evening, I made my way to Queens to Citi Field, the new world class home of the New York Mets.  One of my biggest dreams had been to see live games of the major American sports - baseball, basketball, ice hockey and football and I am happy to say that I achieved one of those dreams that night!

New York Mets vs. St Louis Cardinals, 24 June 2009


The new Citi Field stadium is absolutely gorgeous and so classy inside!  I was absolutely in awe and so obviously a tourist as I stood there taking photos!


I took my seat and hauled out my trusty notebook as I waited for the game to begin.

Well here I am, sitting in a slight drizzle at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets (sorry, that should be “New World-Class Home).  I did a LOT today.  In fact, I’ve done a lot this trip and I’m only half way through.  Thank goodness I have an extra week to blog, read, sleep and rest next week!

Oh man, I hope this game goes ahead!  They just took the ground cover off and put it back on again.  Then again, it is raining again.   I may just become cold and miserable soon!

I got here early as I skipped out the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.  I had the chance to really relax for a while at Grimaldi’s and stayed a little while longer.  Then there was the whole drowned rat Emm experience which took the better half of thirty minutes.  The Tenement Museum sounds interesting but I’m getting a little weary of paying to get in everywhere and didn’t want to pay to get in and not have at least 90 minutes to go around there.

Thank heavens most of the museums and art galleries in London are free!

I’m seriously wavering about going to DC tomorrow.  On the one hand, I could use the bus money to go to the Tenement Museum.  I could also relax and take an afternoon off.  On the other hand, I could use a change of scenery and I would LOVE to see the sights there.

I’m honestly losing memory of everything I’ve done!
Mon: Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Square and Tom’s Diner
Tues: Circle Line Tour, UN, Grand Central, New York Library and the Rockerfeller Center
Weds: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Wall Street, South Street Sea Port, Brooklyn, Grimaldi's and Mets Game

I must say, if it weren't for my precious little notebook and the chronological order of photos on my camera, I would never have remembered everything I did, thought and felt on my trip!


Finally, it was time for the game to begin!


I’d obtained tickets high up on the third tier for about $15 if I remember correctly.  I’d really wanted to see the Mets vs. Yankees game on the Friday evening but the only tickets available were going to cost hundreds of dollars!  Mostly, I was just pleased at the chance to see a real, live game.

Now I’ve been to live football games in England and cricket and rugby matches in South Africa but I have never experienced such a huge thrill before as I experienced that night.  The atmosphere was absolutely electric and yes, in answer to Stephen’s first question, it was complete with the organ and the horns too.  I had loads of fun shouting “Let’s Go Mets!” with the crowd and have to declare that I am now officially a New York Mets fan.

The one thing I had never really appreciated about baseball before is how short the innings are.  Runs are few and far between but I was lucky enough to see a home run by Evans in the fourth innings.  Unfortunately, my photo of the home run has a man standing in the middle of it as he shot into the air as I took it!

I eventually had to leave during the 8th innings though.  I was absolutely freezing and wasn’t sure if Stephen would appreciate me charging a New York Mets sweater to his credit card.  I’d like to say for the record how deeply I regret the decision not to buy one and I will certainly do so next time I am in New York!

The final score was Mets 11, Cardinals 0.  This is the scoring summary for those of you who are interested.


I caught the subway home from Citi Field all the way to West 110th Street for the princely sum of $2.  Take that London!  What you lose in new York on admission fees, you certainly make up in the cost of transport!

As I came to the end of the fourth day in New York, I found myself insanely gleeful to be be in bed after spending at least fifteen minutes defrosting under a steaming hot shower.  I was more tired than I could remember being before but I was pleased with everything I had done so far.

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  1. I cannot believe how much activity you crammed into your days in New York! How cool to go to a baseball game! I try to go whenever I can in a new city. My daughter and I have dreams of getting to all the parks. We have friends who've taken baseball vacations doing just that...sounds like heaven to me.

    But now, you've made me tired and I need to go lie down!

  2. Hi,
    The old Prodigal has discovered the pleasures of baseball! Though, actually, what we really enjoy is softball--there's a lot more action, hitting and running. Professional baseball is mostly in the pitching. Sounds like you had fun though--West 110 and what? I went to college up at 116 & Broadway, great city to go to school in.

  3. I am glad you had the opportunity to see a major American sports event! I hope you enjoyed it. You photos and storyline are great! Take care...

  4. How envious I am! =) you seem to live in my dreams..Hope I'll going to NY too when I finish high school here in Italy..thank you so much for sharing =)p.s. baseball is cool!

  5. Looks like you picked a good team to root for! My Pittsburgh Pirates just set a record with their 17th straight losing season. Not exactly a record you want to be known for, haha. Glad you had a good time at the game.

    You're right about admissions. Before I spent my semester abroad, paying to go into museums was normal. It blew my mind that practically all the museums I visited in Europe were free of charge. Now that I'm back home, I definitely miss that aspect of life over there.

  6. So, it was YOU! Since then, my Cardinals have been on a tear, and the Mets have fell apart. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

  7. always wanted to see ice hockey! Dont even get to see it on the telly : (
    your pics are super cool - bet the atmosphere was amazing

  8. This takes me back to a time I used to watch the Mets with my grandparents in New Jersey. Such good memories.

  9. You were really busy in NYC. Did you ever stop? I confess that I know nothing of the game, but it must have been quite something to be there. Your stay in New York makes me want to go there.

  10. I am so jealous of you, being there to join the game in MLB. I am also a fan in NYC, YANKEE, but still have not been there to experience the atmosphere of live game. It must be very different from watching on TV.
    Now I am listening to a song " New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra. Hmmm, New York is indeed a city that never sleeps.

  11. Travelling can be busy sometimes, but I like to see as much as possible also when I visit some cities. We can always rest when we're back at work...

  12. Hi Emm! This is what I don't think I'll ever do. Actually, notwithstanding my many times in New York, I never saw a baseball game; worse only cricket... ;))

    Sorry for the long absence, but after one year work, I got my official week off and, as always, the week before was terrible and the return awful... ;). Furthermore, there was 09.09.09, which for me was a bit depressing, as I entered a Club 60 I would prefer to postpone the joining... ;))

    Blogtrotter is now in Turkey, but in blue, after the green... Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

  13. Busy busy!

    I’m doing my rounds and just wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month. I appreciate your input.


  14. A great experience! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Emm, I hope you are having a wonderful time. I use to always want to go to NY for New Years Eve, but now I would much rather go to Australia right now, lol!

    God bless,

  16. Wow, amazing side of NYC, beautiful pics and great story!!

  17. What a baseball experience you had, Emm! When I came to US in 1997, Cleveland Indians were in running for Championship. That was exciting! I became a football fan since then, but still have fond memories of that summer :o)

  18. Emm I suppose if you are travelling all that way then taking in a baseball game is an option that I think I would take up myself. I am a little surprised that as you have been to football matches in England that the passion and atmosphere you felt at the Mets game surpassed the number one round ball sport. I've studied the scorecard and I really can't make head nor tail of it, baseball has never really rocked my socks but like you I would go and visit a game if I found myself in the old US of A.

  19. @ Kathy: I know... I also shudder to recall just how much I did in that week! I paid for it the next week through being jetlagged and overtired!

    @ ProdigalWife: I'm trying to remember now! It was between Broadway and Amsterdam - right near Tom's restaurant and the Cathedral of St John the Divine. *sigh* Would love to return. Perhaps I would like softball too if there is more action!

    @ Carolyn: Thank you! Next time I hope to see a hockey game (as I hope to go winter 2010).

    @ Ferdinando: Ha ha! My next biggest dream is to go to Italy and I hope to do that next summer!

    @ Slynnard: I know! But can you believe it - I just don't take enough advantage of the museums and art galleries here. I really must go out more!

    @ FishHawk: :) You're too funny! Maybe it was me!!

    @ London Belle: The atmosphere was amazing! I want to see ice hockey next too. I used to be quite the ice skater so I would love to see that!

    @ Lauren: Oh lovely! Do you have any photos perhaps??

    @ Celeste: Go!! I loved it! Yes, I did do a lot but I am unsure if I would ever be able to repeat that level of activity!

    @ Chen Yin Tzu: "New York New York" played at my wedding. I love that song!

    Eeek!! Home time!! I will try continue replying over the weekend!

  20. CIAO EMM, THANK YOU! Once again I dreamed with you. Your descriptions and your photos are amazing. Thank you and have a nice week end!

  21. hi emm! oh, your stories made me miss the times i spent in the Big Apple...visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Central Park, our hotel in the Times Square area, etc...though i can't say i am into baseball, your article made me realize that maybe it's high time I include "professional-sports-watching" inside an "actual sports facility" next time i travel to NY. might just change my view of baseball in particular :)

  22. Wow, you are a lucky young lady. lovely post!
    (fellow south african)

  23. Catching up on blogs today-that stadium is FANCY! I'm sure you could buy the sweatshirt on line if it's a must have. I don't like to watch baseball on TV, but going to a game is alwasy such a fun experience!

  24. @ Juka: I agree! I certainly did as much as I could in that one week!

    @ GMG: Really? But New York is very much about baseball - I would certainly recommend a game!

    @ DogsDeserveFreedom: Ha! Yes, I was exceptionally busy!

    @ Gaelikaa: Yes, it was!

    @ Jodi: We spent the Millennium New Year in Melbourne, Australia. It was awesome!! I don't really do anything for New Years anymore, preferring instead to be in bed!!

    @ Mireille: Thanks! It was a load of fun, I think the girls would love it.

    @ Ivanhoe: I'd really, really like to go to a football game. It is good to see you! I've missed you in the blogosphere!

    @ Martyn: I think it is a different type of spirit. Football is a religion in the UK, isn't it? I remember my world being carefully divided up according to football when I lived in Liverpool as a child. This was good old all-round American family fun and it was great!

    @ Italo: Thank you and a good weekend to you too!

  25. Thanks for placing my advert, it's appreciate. Hope you'll swing by for a visit.

    Looks like your visit to NY was very full. I've always wanted to go to Ellis Island.


  26. thank you so much! :)
    happy to meet you here, you have an interesting blog as well.

    have a nice day!

  27. Hi Emm! I've nominated you for a blog award at my blog. Thanks for sharing your travels! Come visit if you wish :)

  28. @ Sandy: It's a pleasure! Thank you for advertising!

    @ Shokoofeh: Hiya! Thank you and yes, it has been great to 'meet' you!

    @ Elle: Thank you! I shall have to think of 7 things to say!

  29. @ mama mia: Hiya! Yes, I am not the biggest sports fan out but I do love the atmosphere of occassional live games.

    @ Missy: I may just buy a sweatshrt online or I might get one when I visit next year I haven't decided yet! I also find baseball isn't as exciting on TV! (Oh, and I am always trying to catch up on blogs!!

    @ Colin: Yes, that is one thing I am truly conscious of - the fact that I am very fortunate to see what I have seen and to be able to travel!


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