Where in the World?

I'm currently in my second favourite city on Earth. It used to be my favourite city but then I went to New York and this city was relegated to second place.  Considering how very much I loved New York, I'd say that being second place still means that I love this city very, very, very much.

A couple of clues:
  • It had been my favourite city for most of my life.
  • It took me two hours and eight minutes to arrive here by train.
  • My brother worked here before he moved down to London. 
And less personal clues:
  • There is a bombed out shell of a church still standing here from the Blitz.  The outside walls are still standing and there are trees growing in the middle.
  • Arguably the most famous band on Earth emerged from this city.
  • The Dubliners sang at least two songs about this city, one of which I quoted when I last visited here.
Righty-ho! I've put moderated comments on and I'll send postcards to the first five people who can correctly guess where I am. 
24 comments on "Where in the World?"
  1. Emm without doubt you are in Liverpool. have a nice time.

  2. I've no idea where you are, but curious! Sounds like you're having fun.

  3. I didn't know about the bombed out church, but it's gotta be Liddypool....

  4. Ha! If that most famous band is Beatles - you are in Liverpool!
    Have fun :)

  5. Ooo! I know the answer to this. I was there in August and had a lovely steak and yorkshire pudding dinner in a really old pub ;-)

  6. Ha! Competition closed!! Well done guys! I am indeed in Liverpool. Unfortunately, I am working so it is not all pleasure but I am taking a couple of days to see my dad and step-mum afterwards.

    So, for all of those that guessed correctly (including JaPRA who was close and Christina who commented for the first time), please email me your postal address to: missus dot emm at gmail dot com. I'll reply to you so you'll know I got the email and everything.

  7. The Dubliners! That's something I can relate to! But...erm....Liverpool? Can't say.

  8. I'm sure it's a great city, just not one I've been to. The Beetles hit the scene just as I joined the RAF; long time ago.

  9. I have never been there but it must be a beautiful city. Although you are woking there, you still could post some photos in Liverpool to share with us!

  10. Hi Emm sorry I missed the boat (ferry across the Mersey) on this one, but yes I agree Liverpool is a great city.

    Pity I can't understand the locals!

  11. Oh my Liverpool! :-D I love that city!

  12. Thank God it's not Coventry. Although I thought that The Specials AKA were the most famous band in the world ever :)


  13. Its been a long time since I was in Liverpool and it is a good place to be. But it wouldn’t even make my top 10. I can however seen why people like it so much.

  14. It's confirmed...I know little to nothing about England...hope you're taking pictures!

  15. Oh you are in Liverpool! So bad I am late! But would you like to exchange link with me?

  16. I was a student there once. Sigh. The good old days.

  17. "Kumbaya"?? lol...brilliant :)
    Found you thru Gaelikka's entry on begging in India; her and I know each other thru blogging as we both are expats living in India and today I posted an entry on begging also, not knowing about hers. Interesting coincidence :)....and nice to meet you :)

  18. Wait....just to endear me to you forever, I'll now tell you that was NOT the comment for your post, but for the post in the next tag open on my computer :))) I did find you thru Gaelikaa's post, though, and don't know what else to say except I'm confused and you're obviously 2 hours north of London :))

  19. Are you sure it wasn't just their livers the Dubliners were singing about?

  20. I am too jealous. have a good time.

  21. Martyn, Christina, Kathy, Ivanhoe, April - you need to send me your postal addresses!!!

    @ Gaelikaa: :o) I love both the Dubliners and Liverpool. Now I'm singing "Wish I Was Back in Liverpool".

    @ John: Ooooh, I didn't know you were in the RAF. That is interesting!

    @ Chen Yin Tzu: Just for you I went out and took photos the next day!

    @ Mike: Aaaah, you did indeed miss the ferry! I "get" the accent somehow.

    @ Hevel: Me too!!!

    @ BBE: Aaaah, The Specials do indeed come close! And no, not Coventry *shudder*

    @ William: Well then, I hope you blog about your top ten then!

    @ Julia: You disappeared again! I loved your blog!

    @ Jam: Maybe next time you'll be in time!

    @ Sheila: It must have been AMAZING being a student there!!

    @ Braja: No worries - I am prone to having 20 tabs open at a time so I know how it goes.

    @ Purple Bee: ha ha, very funny!! :o)

    @ Lauren: Don't be jealous!!


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