Featured Photo: A Cruise to Ambleside

Cruise to Ambleside

The other day my friend Jen commiserated with me regarding the lack of sunshine during my trip to Windermere.  I don’t mind the lack of sunshine.  It was an opportunity for me to embrace and fall in love with clouds, as opposed to my previous practice of overexposing my photos or avoiding clouds altogether.

This photo was taken on a cruise from Bowness-on-Windermere to Ambleside.  The glacier head is situated just behind the dip to the right of the photo above, in the valley.  This is where the glacier began its long journey through the valley before carving out Windermere.

13 comments on "Featured Photo: A Cruise to Ambleside"
  1. it is a wonderful sight and I think you are doing remarkably well capturing clouds !

  2. that's true, beatiful clouds!

  3. Very windy !
    Best regards,


  4. Beautiful. I love the Lake District :-)

  5. It looks like a beautiful area whether or not there is sunshine.

  6. Very nice shot. Gray cloudy days are a bit more challenging, but they have their own rewards as well. I usually go out at lunchtime to shoot and always appreciate cloudy days because the light is less contrasty.

  7. Like very much!
    Do you get to check out the Olympics? Wish I was there. Watching diligently on TV :)

  8. Living in Seattle my whole life I have certainly learned to love the clouds! p.s. - can I request a post on what it's like with the Olympics going on in your city?!

  9. I just can't love clouds - unless they're floating across a mostly blue sky in which case they're alright because they're providing some relief from the heat. But otherwise, meh...

  10. I think of Olympics when seeing flags nowadays.

  11. such a lovely view and the flag adds a nice touch to the perspective.

  12. @ This is Belgium: Thank you! I feel so much better embracing them now!

    @ Ola: thank you! I thought so too.

    @ Japolina: thank you.

    @ Pierre: it was windy!

    @ John: me too, I love the Lake District now that I've been.

    @ AVCr8teur: it was incredibly beautiful, more so than my photos do it justice.

    @ Clueless in Boston: Interesting. I'm hoping to learn more about lighting, contrast and exposure in the next year but am struggling with the basics at the moment.

    @ Ivanhoe: Thank you! No, I am a bad Londoner and did not get involved with the Olympics!

    @ Carol: Ha ha. I should learn to love clouds too in London! So sorry there were no Olympics posts!

    @ Wendy: I agree with you!!!! Blue skies just make me elated, happy, joyful. Clouds don't and they ruin my photos.

    @ Rainfield: Yes, me too!

    @ Life Ramblings: thank you and I agree.


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