Featured Photo: The Olympic Rings at Tower Bridge

The Olympic Rings at Tower Bridge

It has been ten days since the Olympics began in London but the response in central London has been quite subdued.  I’ve taken to wandering around Trafalgar Square during lunch time or after work, and there is definitely more people there than usual, but other than that everything seems quiet.

Of course, that might be expected as the Olympic Park is seven miles away from central London and I believe it was absolutely heaving there over the weekend.  I was just kind of hoping for more tourists and excitement like we had with the Jubilee and the Royal Wedding last year.  One thing is for sure, London is far more quiet than it usually is during these key summer months and our businesses are struggling because of it.

I was meant to go into London this past weekend to meet up with Anni from This is Belgium, the lovely winner of my Thomas Cook Games Break Competition but alas, I have been stuck in bed for three days with a summer cold.  Surely there is some karmic law against summer colds?  And since when does a cold keep one down for more than 24 hours? Scandalous.

Anyway, do pop over to Anni’s blog to see some photos from their short break to the Olympics.

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  1. Had a fabulous time, Thank you so much, Mandy !!

  2. Hope you get well soon and will pop over here so we can meet in person !

  3. classic photo! you should probably be thankful the events and it's congestion, are 7 miles away. hope your own um...congestion leaves soon as well. ;)

  4. Things have gone very smoothly with the Olympics - I hope it's given at least some sort of boost to your economy as well.

  5. That is the Olympics for you - placed somewhere out of town and mainly for someone else.
    Take care of yourself!

  6. I have heard on the news that business is not where everyone would like it to be. Is everyone too busy enjoying the Olympics to buy anything?

  7. I hope you feel better soon. The Tower Bridge with the Olympic rings looks great.

  8. the Tower bridge looks majestic at all times with or without the Olympic rings. it seems like the Olympic fever is everywhere as more people are keeping track of the Olympic events. hope you get well soon.

  9. Great photo! I was dragging the kids with me Monday, and debated about walking the bridge or down the Queen's Walk for this shot. We chose the walk, but wonder if I should go back to London Bridge? Always a dilemma with kids in tow. Your photo is fab :)

    I was surprised how few people were around in London, but Olympic Park was bursting. We have found it easy to get hotels in tourist locations outside London (York & Cornwall) at the last minute too.

  10. You have a cold too? I"m off work today with a very nasty sore throat. I thought that resting today might head off the real development of it in future days, each of which are too packed with important work things to miss.

  11. So strange, I came down with a fever, chills, aches that lasted 24 hours the other week. A sign of things to come this winter? I surely hope not. Get well soon. Fun to watch the Olympics on TV, more exciting was scenes from London. I have been wondering if you attended any events.

  12. Great picture! I'm having so much fun watching all the olympic venues in the London area. You guys have been putting on a great show!

  13. Lovely photo! Thanks for sharing! That is so interesting its quieter than normal, I'm sure you're right though - they are all just hanging out away from Central London and closer to the arenas/stadiums. I've really been enjoying all the Olympics so far - you guys are doing a great job hosting! :)

  14. I was wondering where were your Olympic pics :) Very moody photo, I like it a lot!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  15. Nice picture taken on Tower Bridge and Olympic logo on it..

  16. Fabulous photo....wonderful!

  17. It is odd how peaceful it's been in the city isn't it? And we were all braced for jammed streets, packed tubes and travel chaos!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, Mandy. Oddly, for some reason they don't show up on the blog once you've posted them, but I get the alerts via email. So I'm appreciating them even if no one else is getting the chance to!

  18. @ Anni: I am so glad and apologies again for being too ill to meet up. Would you believe I only began feeling normal again today!

    @ Bon Bon: Aaaw, but I would have liked to have seen more tourists! Thank you for your kind comment about the photo.

    @ Li: no, unfortunately, it didn't bring the boost it was meant to and many businesses are suffering!

    @ RuneE: It wasn't out of town as such, London is just huge!!!

    @ AVCr8teur: not really, but I think businesses expected greater volumes and there were none.

    @ Clueless in Boston: it took two weeks but I am on the mend! Glad you like the photo.

    @ Life Ramblings: It is an amazing structure, that is for sure! I think I'll miss the rings.

    @ Happy Homemaker: I know - it is not easy dragging children around London's busy streets! Definitely go back for another photo! And good for you, getting out of town for the Olympics.

    @ WithinIreland: I know, wasn't it the most horrible cold??

    @ Rob: No, no events for me. My husband killed any love I had for sport by watching it 24/7 on television for the past 14 years!! I certainly hope this cold isn't a harbinger of a nasty winter.

    @ Kathy: Heh, it was quite a show, wasn't it??

    @ Carol: Thank you!! Yes, the tourists never really did come, even now that the games are over. I hope they come soon!

    @ Ivanhoe: ha ha! I might come up with something vaguely Olympic-y this week!

    @ Agnes: Glad you liked it!

    @ Victoria: Thank you!

    @ Accidental Londoner: I know... I even heard big companies (including the sponsors) are struggling because they over-estimated sales.


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