The Alternative London Walking Tour

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of street art.  I love pop art, surrealism and other forms of modern art too, so street art is not too much of a stretch from what I like anyway.  I like the irony and the irreverence of street art, the risks the artists take to paint their pieces. Most of all, I’ve actually picked up a can of spray paint before and I know just how hard it is get the paint to do anything remotely reasonable once it gushes out of the nozzle so I have great respect for street artists.

Two weekends ago we went on The Alternative London Walking Tour with Ben Slow from Alternative London.  These 2-hour tours are conducted on a pay-what-you-like basis and they are absolutely fantastic. 

I went on one of their tours last year (and I’ll likely go on another one next year) and I took tons and tons of photos.  In the end, it seems that I took too many photos and I never really blogged about it.  This time I promised myself that I would be a Better Blogger™ and so I took less photos and have managed to narrow it down to… 20 of my favourite photos.

Honestly, if I procrastinate about it any longer, I’m still not going to have written a post before I go on the next tour.  So I’m going to split this between two posts and without further ado, here are my first ten favourite photos from that day.

Fashion Street

The Alternative London Street Art Tour takes place in London’s East End.  We all met up at Spitalfields and wound our way through Fashion Street, Brick Lane, Hanbury Street, Chance Street and beyond.  This is a fantastic area steeped in history and the best thing about the tour is that you learn a little bit about that history too.  Of course, that is the subject of a whole other blog post.

We began the tour by learning that street art is illegal which I was very happy to discover as I hadn’t previously known that.  Just kidding.  We also learned about the various techniques including stencils, paste ups and free hand painting.  Above you can see a paste up to the left, and stencil to the right and nasty, equally-illegal-but-not-as-aesthetically-pleasing promotional posters below.

Conor Harrington's Horse

I can certainly see why people would find street art distasteful but when a certain area gets a reputation for street art, it is often representative of great political and social change.  That is Conor Harrington’s Horse and Cavalryman you can see to the left above.

C215 woman Fashion Street

When I went on the walk last year, my favourite artist was Roa and I did manage to post about Roa's Crane.  This year, my best discovery by far was the street artist C215.  I had to come dangerously close to a discarded pair of underpants to take the photo above but this lovely woman is absolutely worth it.  You can see the artist’s signature to her bottom right, it looks like a cube.  I took some more photos of his work below.

Pablo Delgado's Miniatures

It is always a thrill to spot some of Pablo Delgado’s miniature figures.  You can see just how tiny they are as compared to the bricks and paving stone in the photo above.  This was also taken in Fashion Street.

C215 Nina

The photos above and below are both from C215, real name Christian GuĂ©my (my New Favourite Street Artist™).  In the photo above, our tour guide Ben Slow stands next to a stunning rendition of the artist’s daughter Nina.  He told us a story about how he split up from Nina’s mother and began to paint Nina’s portrait on the streets on her way to school so that she would see them and know that he was still thinking about her.  Apparently she wasn’t too impressed at first but in this interview by Stephanie Sadler (of Little London Observationist fame), he says that Nina is now a street artist in her own right.

C215 Boy

And here you have Roa’s Crane.  While we were standing here, the owner of the establishment came out to speak to us.  He said that he was in negotiations with another artist to paint the space to the left of the crane which should be exciting to see.

Roa's Crane Hanbury Street London

Our guide Ben was very unhappy to see that Fin DAC’s A Pleasure Unknown had been tagged over.  Now there is no denying that this piece was just incredible and the detail in the girl’s eyes was stunning, but I kind of like how it looks now.  Oh look! It looks like the artist agrees with me and if you click this link, you can see before and after shots: The Changing Face of A Pleasure Unknown.

Fin Dac A Pleasure Unknown Hanbury Street

And this piece… how magnificent is it?  It was done by none other than our guide Ben Slow and it depicts a white nationalist from the English Defence League (EDL) and an Islamic Extremist.  To each other, they are worlds apart but in the end they represent the same thing.  Intolerance, hatred, racism.  They are as bad as the other and anyone who does not conform to their narrow view is an enemy.

Ben said he had expected more of a backlash with this piece but was surprised at how well people have embraced it and understood its meaning.

Ben Slow Hanbury Street

One final photograph for this post before I take you on to see a real Banksy in the next post!  These alternative road markings can be found outside the Widen + Kennedy offices at 16 Hanbury Street.  I think they’re really funny and one day hope to take a decent photograph of them.  Next time maybe?

Alternative Street Signs

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  1. Hoorah! Someone did this post! You've said it and photographed it beautifully Missus Emm. Great afternoon that was.

  2. I don't like the big size grafitties but the one on the third picture I really do like

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  3. This is a great post about our tour. I still won't get around to it for a while, glad someone did.

  4. Fabulous..this post was such a visual feast for the eyes and soul...beautiful-inspiring art and artists..spectacular!! Love street art! Gorgeous Emm!

  5. WOW! Great and cool art! They are all good.. hard to choose a favorite.

    Hope you have a good time over there:-)
    Hugs from Tania

  6. that's my kind of tour! i'm impressed that you knew who created them! i'm guilty of taking notes than never looking at them again. i can be a doofus like that.

  7. Think I'm going to go on one of these tours, or at least some kind of a London walk. I love strolling around myself and I've been given a book of London river walks following the old rivers, but there's something really nice about going with a real person.

  8. I will put this on my must list, for next time I am in London!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    It might be interesting for you.


  9. Amazing artwork! I'm dying to take some photography classes and take some of these London walks. There is just so much to see. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. How cool! Thanks for showing me another side of London :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  11. fun interactive art tour!

  12. I love street art too M even tho I realize many people would call some of it graffiti and vice versa
    love the idea of alternative tours, we should copy that in brussels

  13. I love street art too M even tho I realize many people would call some of it graffiti and vice versa
    love the idea of alternative tours, we should copy that in brussels

  14. You know, as I was writing my - - i was wishing that I had taken notes like you had. Was also wishing your post had gone live so i could reference it... ohe well! Great work :)

  15. @ Kat: It was a fab afternoon - I cannot wait to go on another group thingy like that.

    @ Ola: yes! People either love or hate graffiti, don't they? I like that one too.

    @ Melissa: aaah, you should enjoy your holiday! And thank you for your kind comment.

    @ Victoria: Yay! As a kindred spirit, I thought you might like this too.

    @ Spiderdama: yes, London is definitely a lot of fun at the moment. And I agree - it is hard to choose a favourite.

    @ Bon Bon: ha ha! I do take notes these days because I have learned that I have nothing to blog about otherwise. I'm glad you enjoyed the tour!

    @ Jenny: I absolutely agree. Walking solo is fine, even if you have a guidebook or notes to guide you but it is so much more fun doing it with a guide and in a group. Definitely let me know if you'd like a walking tour partner!

    @ Gunn: definitely do - I think you'd like it! And thank you for that awesome link.

    @ Selena: definitely go on photography classes or London walks! They are amazing. The Photo School is a good place to start. I'm also always keen on photowalks!

    @ Ivanhoe: Always a pleasure!

    @ Rob: Glad you liked it!

    @ This Is Belgium: There is a big street art movement in Brussels! Check out Street Art Belgium.

    @ Jen: You know, I thought the same thing and it is one of the reasons I split my post in two parts so I could link to all your posts!

  16. Hey Mandy... I haven't been blogging myself but I took time to look at your pictures and read your posts today... enjoyed all of them, but this one I liked best. I love street art... have a nice weekend!

  17. Great post! I have done a few of these walking tours with friends who are into it, and wrote about it afterwards. I am a big fan. I must do this one too, and I was thinking about the Unseen Tours too (


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